5 Strategies To Shield Your Customer From Competitors

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About Jenn

Jenn, our inspiring retailer – she’s a retail expert who has walked the talk in her own small retail business. Her presentations are filled with stories, messages, and strategies developed from her years in the retail sector as a small business owner in a regional centre. Jenn is a leader and speaker who has genuinely “been there, done that”.

Jenn’s proven business strategies grew her business by 11,332% in just 7 short years with no previous retail experience, but a free-thinking approach to building much more than a retail store, but a community of passionate customers.

Now Jenn, after selling her retail business, through her company INSPIRING RETAIL, wants to educate, connect and inspire as many small business retailers as possible. She has a passion for positively empowering retailers worldwide with the simple tools, skills and attitudes necessary to build successful, profitable and productive businesses whilst having fun and enjoying the journey. “Where you start in business is not where you need to end” is her philosophy and she believes in JUST getting things done!

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