One thing I learnt about being a small business retailer, very early in my retail journey was that if I was going to grow and succeed, then I needed to be front of mind to my customers at all times.  The way to do that is to become the “go to” expert in your field – in my case it was expertise in everything to do with cooking and baking.

But being an expert was simply not enough – my staff, my business partner and myself all had to BELIEVE we were the experts.  We never faked it until we made it (so to speak – customers see straight through that hog wash) but if the first sale is made to you – if you don’t believe you are the expert then its guaranteed others won’t either.

So are you the expert in your retail space?  Do your customers come to you to solve their problems?  Do you know your products and how they will benefit your customers?  Do you understand what your customer’s problems are – what you solving for them through the sales process?

You need to position and promote yourself as an expert – package it, pitch it and live it.

So what does it take to be an EXPERT?  Here’s my list – but feel free to add your own:-

  • Knowledge or perception of
  • A proven track record
  • Measurable results customers can see and relate too
  • testimonials
  • A niche market, and
  • Communication (marketing, marketing, marketing!)

You need to create a DEEP and NARROW base of product knowledge.  The more niche your retail market is (“picking a lane” is the subject for next time!), the easier it will be to create this type of knowledge base.

Share stories, listen to customer experiences, listen to friends/acquaintances in similar retail shops, ask product/company reps for information, write it down – share it with your team and then share it with your customers.

The ability to share insight and share information is essential for building a team of experts and the end result is you and your team delivering customer outcomes, solving customer problems and MORE SALES.

The more expertise – the more customers – the more growth in your wonderful retail business you will see.


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