It’s time to look at your marketing

This week I’ve been looking at your websites – maybe yours – maybe not – but retailer’s websites specifically and what I’ve found is we need to have a look at your copy, not just on your websites, but in all your marketing.

Now in my previous blog I talked about how MARKETING IS EVERYTHING –  but today it’s about the actual copy – your message and your marketing language.

Are you up for some TOUGH LOVE?  If not, perhaps you shouldn’t read ahead!

I challenge you to bring up your home page on the website or a piece of marketing you have, a flyer, a brochure, an ebook – whatever.

Can you count the number of times it says the word “WE” or “I”?  Does your marketing say we do this, we do that, we offer this, and so forth?

Your marketing needs to be customer centric.  What’s the saying? –



The tough love – your customers simply DON’T CARE what you do or how good you are or how long you’ve done it for, they just want to know HOW YOU CAN HELP THEM – what’s in it for them.

How do you help your customers?  Why do your customers come to you and specifically you – with all the competition out there – why you?  Now I suggest that learning happens in lots of ways and if you are having difficulty answering those questions – then that’s a learning for you – WHO DO YOU SERVE?

Your marketing needs to be about your customers.  Your copy and message to market needs to use the word “you” and “them” – make it about your customers, make sure it’s solving a problem for your customer and make sure you try and make your marketing, one problem one piece of marketing because A CONFUSED BUYER DOESN’T BUY.

If you’re confused, need help or simply want to connect, feel free to send me an email because getting this stuff right makes retail more profitable and enjoyable!


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